Stay Wired In

Electrical Inspections

Electricity is required in almost every aspect of our daily lives. If electrical issues are not addressed timely, they may cause major accidents and can become a major safety issue for the members of the house.

An Important Service

Be it cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, dishes, water for bathing, we cannot even imagine our lives without electricity. Having said that, the electrical system might get damaged or worn out or come up with other subtle issues that we cannot identify. Scheduling regular electrical inspections from an experienced electrical expert can easily help you avoid these unnecessary issues. For a safe and effective electrical system, feel free to contact us.

Why Call Us?

Home Inspection Solutions provides an affordable comprehensive electrical inspection that covers all the electric aspects of your home. Our experts will inspect everything from wiring to lighting fixtures. Our experience and expertise in the field have made us the preferred choice of the customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as we know our job well when it comes to diagnose the electrical issues. We also suggest potential energy saving methods while inspecting your home. As local home inspectors, we know and understand the wiring in the area. We are capable of identifying the problem quickly.

Identify Problems Early

Electrical inspections focus on inspecting your home’s electrical connections and wiring thoroughly. It is a complicated task and requires certified and experienced inspectors for the job. With cold weather approaching, more homeowners schedule an electrical inspection. This usually occurs when there is an electrical issue, typically due to a circuit overload, which often occurs when more appliances are used simultaneously. However, as long as they are identified before they become a larger or more expensive problem, these can usually be fixed easily. As part of an inspection, our inspectors check for various wiring points that can cause mishaps like electrical surges, short circuits that may lead to fire, and open wires. To ensure the safety and security of its residents, every household should have an electrical inspection.

Be Prepared Against Rain

Grading & Drainage Inspections

Ordinary yard surface drainage can lead to a gap, hole, and shift in house slabs, serious foundation complications, slope instabilities, and wall failing. On the other hand, a little preventive maintenance and drainage improvement work can lessen the potential for soil related distress at far less expense than structural solutions for failures.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Sometimes home owners tend to minimize the importance of good drainage after several months of sunshine. Unfortunately, this is too often a costly mistake. There may seem to be no need for concern over grading and drainage issues. On the contrary, such considerations are extremely important. There are serious concerns about the effects of rain on properties. Water will collect around the foundation if the gutters aren’t positioned correctly or the grading isn’t graded correctly. This may sustain foundation damage over time.

Inspection Checklist

We inspect the following:
Slope Grade and Run-off Pattern
Ground Coverage
Soil Heights
Landscape – Trees within 10 feet of the house
Drainage around the foundation that is not performing.
Deficiencies in grade levels around the foundation and in installed gutter and downspout systems.

Why Call Us?

Being the property owner, you have to be cautious about the grading and drainage problems that may be plaguing the efficiency of your home’s drains. Our certified local home inspectors will determine the severity of the problem and provide the best solution possible. Rain negatively affects your property, thus, getting the grading and drainage inspection done thoroughly is of utmost importance. Our local inspectors will provide you with a complete inspection report and will help you understand the best way to take care of the problem.

Ensure your Comfort

HVAC Inspections

The HVAC inspection should be on the top of the list while moving into a new home. Ensuring the good health and functioning of the HVAC system in your home will ensure your comfort of staying in your new home.

Experience and Expertise

We at Home Inspection Solutions have over 20 years of experience in performing HVAC inspection in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The positive customer reviews are the proof of our credibility in the services that we provide. We have a team of experienced, trained, certified and well equipped team of inspectors who specialize in performing HVAC inspections.

What We Check

Our experts will check the heating and the cooling systems, the ductwork thoroughly to look for possible issues that can sometimes be hazardous. For the newly constructed homes also, you must get the HVAC system inspected to check if the size and capacity is as per the specification and fits the area. Inspection will unleash the probable issues in installation of the HVAC systems. Be it a newly constructed home or an older one, getting the HVAC system inspected from a reliable and honest HVAC inspection company is a must.

Why Call US?

At Home Inspection Solutions, we have a team of inspectors who are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to inspect the state of your heating and air conditioning system. The experts are not only qualified and certified but undergo regular training on latest trends and techniques. Over the years of experience in inspection services, we have built the trust in our customers and are proud to have become the preferred and go-to choice of our customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you too are looking for reliable, trustworthy, and reputed inspection services, contact us.