Be Prepared Against Mold

Mold Inspections

Most people ignore the presence of mold. However, it can cause adverse effects on the health of the inhabitants, while also affecting the structure of your house.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a naturally occurring substance that is found in damp and poorly ventilated areas. Several varieties of mold are present, out of which many are quite harmful. It is black in color and can contaminate the environment in your house. To keep yourself and your family safe from the health issues which are caused by the presence of mold, it is essential to get it tested and removed.

Mold Inspection Process

Mold inspections are very important because it will bring to know some hidden issues that you may not aware of inside your home. Once you contact us, our experts come out and take a look at the house. They describe the issue that they have noticed first, whether that is a musty smell, allergies that are suddenly acting up, or a recent leak that they think caused water damage. Our inspectors look at the affected areas, if they are known, and also inspect the entire home. Floorboards and walls will likely be checked for signs of water damage, and pictures may be taken, as well. If our inspectors find any mysterious substances, we will likely take a sample of it so that it can be tested. In most cases, it will need to be sent off to a laboratory for testing, which could take anywhere from days to weeks. The substance may be found to be mold, which is known for being harmful to the health of humans, or it could be something else entirely. You will be notified as soon as possible.
Once we detect the issue, Home Inspection Solutions will create a plan of action. Perhaps the substance found is not what you thought it was, but you still have water damage in your home due to a recent leak. In this case, you may be referred to a business that deals with such problems so that you can fix it before any further destruction occurs. However, if it turns out that you do have this kind of substance in your home, our company begins remediation of the problem immediately. It will be cleaned up and removed from the house as soon as possible.

Fight against Infestations

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections

Insects are everywhere. However, you can’t be bothered until they start popping into your home. Most insects give you painful bites and rashes, and then there are some that like to nibble on wooden items, which include furniture and structural components of your home that are made of wood.

Have Peace of Mind

These wood-destroying insects (WDI) can stay dormant for a long time and come to life during certain seasons. However, no matter in which season you are buying or selling a house, a wood-destroying insect inspection is crucial for your peace of mind. It would be wrong to say that only termites can damage wooden items. Insects such as beetles, wood wasps, bees and ants can also hollow out your wooden masterpieces.

Experience in WDI Inspections

We at Home Inspection Solutions have the knowledge and experience in assessing insect damages of all kinds. To make sure you don’t end up buying a property that is infested with wood-destroying insects, we can offer a thorough inspection using infrared scanners and a good walk around. Rest assured that no corner of the house will go unnoticed.

High Success Rates

We are one of the few WDI inspection experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with a 99% success rate. Fully trained and insured, we have over a decade of experience in the construction industry. We gave closely seen and worked on homes from the ground up. Bringing this knowledge and insight to home inspections, our sole objective is to help buyers make an educated decision.